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50 years of Capturing the moment

Let's get creative!

Over the past 50 years Victoria Centre has displayed many peoples' work, from sculptures to photographers, with some artists and fashion designers on the way, the centre has always been a hive for creativity.

Meet Reece, who has had a chance to display his photography on the inside and outside of the centre. 

In 2021, along with his FdA photography course mates at Nottingham College, he had the opportunity to exhibit his work to thousands of passers-by on the Ocean Outdoor screen on Parliament Street.


"My course has helped me in so many areas and photography has taken me to places I thought I’d never visit to do things I never thought I would be able to do."

Reece photos

Reece posing with his work when displayed at Victoria Centre. 

Reeces pictures 1

Some examples of Reece's work from Light Night, Nottingham Pride and Wollaton Park. Check out more of his photography here.

Reeces pictures 2

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