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Stars of Victoria Centre's 50th Birthday

For our 50th, we decided to share the stories behind some of the faces taking a starring role in our big 50th birthday campaign.

Following a call-out for memories of the centre from the last five decades, over 100 submission were sent in. 16 names were chosen to become the faces of Victoria Centre’s 50th birthday campaign, recognising the impact the centre has had on their lives. They can now be seen on screens throughout the centre, as well as the giant digital display above the Parliament Street entrance and across social media.

Here are some of the stars...

Reece – NTU photography student and aspiring photographer, who has had his work displayed in the centre.


"Having my photography work displayed both inside of the centre and outside on the LCD screen that was a memory worth keeping"

Tess – met friends at the Emett clock.


"My mum used to work in Jessops in Victoria Centre, when they moved from the old building. I was in my teens when the centre opened and I remember the excitement around the Emett Clock. Crowds would gather when it chimed"

Gabriel and Jess – ‘store crossed’ lovers who met while working in John Lewis & Partners.


"We met working in JLP, Florence is our first child and we have just welcomed Imogen into the world."

Andy  – celebrating his own 50th birthday this year.


"I am 50 as well."

Caroline - remembers the opening of the Emett Clock.


" I remember the opening of the Emett clock. I was there and mesmerised by it. I also remember a band called Paper Lace performing there"

James  and Sheila – Sheila remembers feeling like a princess as she was crowned Miss Player in 1973, following a glamorous invite to the Emett Clock’s opening.


"This is a story about my partner, who in 1973 was miss player at the John Player company. She was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Emett Clock."

Natalee – met friends at the water clock as a teenager now she has one of her own.


"I remember meeting my friends at the water clock as a teenager. I was also able to sell my skin care product (Skin Solace) at John lewis"

Liz and Andrew – got engaged at the Emett Clock and fondly remembers its chime.


"My husband Andrew and I have a very special memory to share with you. Back in 1980 we both worked for TSB bank in Clifton and on the 27th May we went out with a group of colleagues in Nottingham city centre. This was the start of our Romance. 6 months later Andrew proposed."

Cathryn and her husband –  young loves who bought their ring from the centre’s jewellery shop, Poysers, and it’s still sparkling 47 years later.


Kathleen and Ann – Victoria Centre changed their world, with the pair meeting 30 years ago in Tesco and are now happily married.


"I started work at Tesco Victoria Centre in June 1988 and two years later I met my future wife Ann, who came to work at Tesco by 1991. We moved in together and as a same sex couple, we weren't allowed to marry but in 2009 we had a civil ceremony and in 2015 we were allowed to marry. So thanks Vic Centre you changed our world."

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