Centre rules

There’s a few rules which we have in the centre we ask you to follow – mainly for everyone’s safety and making the centre a safe and clean place for everyone. These are five of our main ones.

  1. No smoking
    Smoking is not permitted in any area of the centre including the malls, external entrances, food and leisure areas. This includes e-cigarettes/vapes
  2. Meters
    Retailers are responsible for their own gas, electrical and water supplies. You will be informed if any meters are located outside your store’s demise.
  3. Mall standards
    We have a few rules about store fronts, please make sure:
  • No blu tak or Sellotape is used when putting signs up in your windows
  • No signs/boards can be used outside of your demise
  • No handwritten signs to be used
  1. Delivery trolleys
    Deliveries of stock by trolley across the mall are prohibited during opening hours (8am – 6pm), although handheld deliveries will be accepted in an emergency and with prior consent of Centre Management.
  1. Waste
    It is the responsibility of the retailer to ensure that their refuse is taken to the service road in the basement. Refuse must NOT be disposed of in corridors or lifts.
    All cardboard must be flattened. All plastic packaging and glass must be places in the correct bins
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