Security in the centre

Security and making the centre a pleasant and safe environment for shoppers, our team and yourselves is our priority. Please see below ways you can help us do this.

ACT training

We recommend you get all your team to complete this interactive, e-learning on Counter terrorism It will give them an idea of what suspicious behaviour to watch out for and actions they can take.

Our teams

You will see our security officers out on the mall. They are a great deterrent for shop theft and anti-social behaviour. They will support you within their duties but be aware that if someone is detained in your unit, they are your responsibility until the police arrive.

We advise you that following five items must be witnessed by the same member of staff if they are to affect an arrest for shoplifting (S.C.O.N.E.):

1. Selection – what did the individual select?

2. Concealment – Where was the item concealed?

3. Observation – Offender must be observed for 100% of the time.

4. Non-payment – Offender must be seen to pass the last opportunity to pay.

5. Exit – Offender seen to exit the store.

We also encourage you to sign up to DISC initiative by contacting This is a database of known offenders in the area so we can all work together to reduce stock loss in the centre.

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