Meet the man who has been caring for our Emett Clock for more than a decade Article

The Emett Clock, which stands proudly on the upper mall, has been maintained by volunteer engineer, Pete Dexter, over the last decade. Pete Dexter has voluntarily used his engineering expertise to keep Nottingham's famous Emett Clock in tip-top working order for more than a decade. The 23ft clock, formally known as The Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator, or ‘water-powered clock’, has been one of Nottingham's most popular sight-seeing destinations since its creation by cartoonist and constructor, Rowland Emett, in 1973.

The landmark timepiece, originally on the ground floor near Boots, now stands at the opposite end of the shopping centre on the upper level. Throughout its 51-year tenure at the centre, various repairs have been made to the clock, including in 2013, when Pete noticed the internal electronics were in bad condition, and he volunteered to restore them.

To commemorate all his hard work, we have partnered with local artist and recent Nottingham Trent University graduate, Molly Moss, to produce a bespoke acrylic painting which was presented to him by Glen Staniforth, operations manager.

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The Emett Clock has stood proud in Victoria centre since it was created by Rowland Emett in 1973, and is recognised by locals as a meeting place. The 23ft clock has become an iconic attraction of Nottingham, and in 2013 a protest was held to oppose the potential move of the famous clock from the shopping centre.

The water powered clock has the official name, The Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator, but is also referred to as the Emett Clock or the Victoria Centre Clock. Sculptor Rowland Emett, (22 October 1906 – 13 November 1990) was a cartoonist, artist, inventor and builder of mechanical and wacky inventions. His most famous work has to be the car and inventions which appeared in the 1968 film, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Unfortunately, there is little of his work on permanent display in the UK, with the Emett clock in the Victoria Shopping Centre and another clock in Basildon, Essex, being the exception. Most of his work can be viewed at exhibitions in the US and Canada.

After a year away for refurbishment, the clock returned to Victoria Centre in 2015 and now sits proudly on the upper mall at the rear of the shopping centre.

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