Nottingham College Fashion Takeover: A Showcase of Creativity Article

Over the past year, we have been working closely with Nottingham Fashion College on an exciting fashion pop-up event. Opening on April 2nd, the unit buzzed with excitement as visitors explored student creations, learned about fashion courses, and enjoyed hands-on activities.

Inside the unit, our customers could find a variety of student designs, from cool outfits to funky styles. But it wasn't just about looking – visitors also got helpful advice on building portfolios, and there were fun activities like coloring and design workshops.

This was located near John Lewis & Partners, the pop-up unit was open from April 2nd to April 6th, giving everyone a chance to join in the fun. As the event wrapped up, huge thanks went out to the Nottingham College fashion students for sharing their talent and creativity.

This event was all about showing how education and teamwork can make amazing things happen. As we say goodbye to this fantastic showcase, we can't wait to see what these young designers do next in the world of fashion!

Pop up Fashion
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